Chaeyoung Of Twice Apologizes for Wearing Controversial Swastika Shirt

Chaeyoung wearing A Sex Pistols Shirt From Her Instagram

Chaeyoung Receives Mixed Reactions from Fans and Netizens

SEOUL – TWICE’s Chaeyoung recently posted an apology on her Instagram account after being criticized for wearing a controversial swastika shirt. The symbol, which is associated with the Nazi regime and considered a hate symbol, has caused outrage among fans and netizens.

In her apology, Chaeyoung stated that she had no knowledge of the symbol’s association with the Nazi regime and expressed deep regrets about wearing the shirt. She also apologised for any offence that she may have caused and promised to be more mindful of her fashion choices in the future.

However, the apology has received mixed reactions from fans and netizens. While some fans have expressed understanding and forgiveness, others have criticized Chaeyoung for not being more aware of the symbol’s meaning before wearing it.

Chaeyoung Criticized for Not Being More Mindful of Her Fashion Choices

Chaeyoung wearing this t-shirt has gotten more controversial as she was also seen wearing a QAnon shirt not too long ago during a music show performance. Several admirers defended the idol and chastised the stylist who dressed her in the troublesome clothing at the time.

QAnon is a right-wing political conspiracy theory group in the United States that is frequently at the centre of different political movements and conflicts. Qanon followers have committed acts of violence on numerous occasions fueled by their various QAnon conspiracy theories.  Members of this conspiratorial group stormed the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, in an attempt to overturn Trump’s loss to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

What’s more problematic is that Chaeyoung was seen wearing the same shirt not once, but twice. On both occasions, she was seen in her daily life, which means she most likely personally chose the fashion herself.

Chaeyong wearing a QAnon shirt

Many Korean netizens have criticized Chaeyoung for repeatedly wearing problematic shirts and pointed out that she should have been more careful in choosing her fashion. Some netizens have also questioned where she even managed to buy the shirt.

Korean netizens commented, “She posted an apology so…” “She should have really been careful,” “Wow, that was wrong of her,” “She took down the photos quickly and apologized, which is good. Just hope she’s more careful in the future,” “How does she not know the Nazi symbol?” “She really didn’t think about this,” “She wore this shirt a few times, which means she must have liked that shirt,” “This is the same thing as someone wearing the Japanese rising sun flag,” and “Where did she even manage to buy that shirt?” – AllKpop