Top 10 Aidilfitri Dishes In Malaysia

top 10 aidilfitri dish
The top 10 Aidilfitri dishes.

The must-have food to look for during Aidilfitri

Aidilfitri is right around the corner. How exciting to have one whole month of forgiveness, unity, and food, with family and friends. As a multiracial country, Malaysia is known for having a diverse selection of food and we are always happy for the opportunity to meet loved ones and dine together. Here are the top 10 Aidilfitri dishes nobody should skip when picking a platter. 

  1. Rendang

It is no surprise that rendang is on top of the list. No matter chicken or beef, this slow-cooked dish leaves people happy and satisfied. Its rich flavour seeps through the tender and juicy meat making each bite sensational. There is no guarantee anyone would be able to reject rendang when offered. There is even vegan rendang available to those who don’t eat meat and they taste just as great. Here are the top listed recipes for beef rendang, chicken rendang, and vegan rendang.

  1. Ketupat

Ketupat has been around since the 15th century. Today, we still make time to prepare this glutinous rice cake as an activity to bond with our loved ones. Ketupat can be paired with almost every other dish like rendang, lontong, peanut sauce, and it is so much prettier to serve than any plain white rice. It is such a staple dish to make during Aidilfitri that when we see decorations of ketupat hanging around, we know what celebration is about to come. Here is how you recreate homemade ketupat.

  1. Lontong and Lodeh Gravy

This delicacy is simple yet hard to resist. Lontong is another type of rice cake which is formed into a cylinder and wrapped in a banana leaf. The lodeh gravy is creamy and flavourful and the ingredients are very easy to find. Pair these two together with some kuah kacang and serunding, and you will find yourself licking the bowl as it finishes. Here is a recipe on how to make lontong and lodeh gravy.

  1. Lemang

Another glutinous rice that is a must-have during Aidilfitri is lemang. You’ll know it’s lemang as soon as you get a whiff of that coconut milk and banana leaf fragrance. Lemang is made in bamboo sticks lined with banana leaf and cooked above open firewood. When made correctly, the texture is the perfect type of sticky rice you can find. Here is how you recreate homemade lemang.

  1. Dodol

This sweet treat brings family members together as it takes teamwork to cook dodol to perfection. Originally, it is a palm sugar-based confection, constantly stirred on low heat for an extended period of time to achieve the right consistency. Once it’s ready to eat, all that hard work is worth it. A pleasant treat to enjoy while catching up with friends and relatives. Here is a recipe for homemade dodol.

  1. Satay

When beautifully seasoned and grilled, satay is succulent and addictive. Best eaten with peanut sauce and sambal, this skewered dish is popular all around Malaysia. It is no wonder satay successfully made it as one of Aidilfitri’s desired foods. Most households order pre-made satay and reheat them for guests, but still, nobody complains considering how delicious satay is. Here is how you make beef satay and chicken satay.

  1. Peanut Sauce

If there is one thing you can expect to be served during Aidilfitri is peanut sauce. A rich peanut-based sauce that you can pour on any food you like. You won’t see any satay that is not completely covered with peanut sauce and when there are leftovers, it is almost compulsory to add more satay to the plate just to finish up this finger-licking sauce. Here is a recipe for peanut sauce.

  1. Serunding

There are so many types of serunding available as condiments for your Aidilfitri platter. Serunding can be made with chicken, beef, fish, and even plain grated coconut. Thinly shaved and sauteed with spices, serunding is phenomenal on its own and phenomenally quick to finish. Leave your serunding unattended and you might need to buy another refill for the next guests arriving. Here is how you make your beef serunding, chicken serunding, and fish serunding.

  1. Pineapple Tart

Every dish must come with dessert. Malaysians will patiently and intentionally wait for Aidilfitri to come just to satisfy their cravings for pineapple tarts. Bite-sized and easy to devour, the soft, crumbly texture of the tarts is a match made in heaven with the sweet pineapple jam. From children to adults, everyone would want a taste of these little treats. Here is a recipe for pineapple tarts.

  1. Ghee Rice

Fragrant, delicious, and appetizing, what more can one ask of a dish? Best made with ghee, this guilty pleasure completes an Aidilfitri meal. You know you are about to have a full tummy when the aroma of ghee rice conquers your sense of smell. Not every household will take the time to make ghee rice but when you find one that does, hold onto your relationship with that person for the sake of devouring the goodness that is ghee rice. Here is how to make ghee rice. — mediahit