‘Thai Hot-Guy’ Event Club Operates Illegally, Gets Brick-bats From Leaders

'Thai Hot-Guy' event which is scheduled to be held on 30 March gets brick-bats from Malaysian political leaders.
'Thai Hot-Guy' event which is scheduled to be held on 30 March gets brick-bats from Malaysian political leaders. -- Facebook pic for illustration purpose

The club operates under a restaurant licence which has expired in February 2021

KUALA LUMPUR — Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has discovered that a club organising an event featuring muscular men wearing female outfits known as “Thai Hot Guy”, does not have an entertainment licence.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s political secretary, Azman Abidin said the premises known as Privacy Club Tun Razak was licensed as a restaurant to Beijing 9 Sdn Bhd.

“Initial investigations by DBKL found that the company’s restaurant licence expired on 4 Feb 2021.

“The premises also does not have an entertainment licence and there is no application for such license or application to carry out entertainment activities,” he said in a statement on Wednesday (22 March).

Azman also said DBKL is reviewing the matter in order to act if there are any violations of rules and conditions by the organisers.

An Insult To Use Tun Razak’s Name For Club

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Najib Razak’s son Nazifuddin Najib slammed the use of his late grandfather’s name for the club.

Taking to Facebook, Nazif, the new Umno Langkawi chief said using his grandfather’s name as promotional material or article is very embarrassing for his extended family.

Nazifuddin Najib (pic) hopes the authorities take stern action against the ‘Thai Hot Guy’ event organisers.

“This is very, very inappropriate and I see it as an insult to the deceased himself, disappointed and sad, this is what nestles in my heart.

“I hope that the authorities take strict action against the organisers so that this matter can be prevented and dealt with according to the legal methods of our country.

I never meant to prevent non-Muslims from having fun, but there needs to be justification in approving this kind of entertainment in the life of a multi-religious and multi-ethnic country,” Nazif said.

On the same note, Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said the event should not take place as it coincides with the holy month of Ramadan.

Speaking to reporters after attending his ministry’s monthly assembly, Saifuddin said such an event would cause unrest among Muslims, who are set to observe the fasting month starting Thursday (23 March).

Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail — Bernama pic

Saifuddin said although it is too early for him to comment on the matter, but said such activities could cause unrest.

“There is a need to have mutual respect in this multiracial country, in which every race has its own sensitivities and as a minister, I believe that it is everyone’s duty to respect the arrival of this holy month and take the opportunity to strengthen the elements of mutual understanding,” he said adding that one should not enter any ‘territory’ where sensitivities can be triggered.

Earlier today, the Islamist party PAS called on the authorities to act against the event, which was insensitive as it was to be held during Ramadan and it is contrary to local culture.

In a statement, its secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan said the event promotes hedonism, pornography and free sex, and also does not support the nation’s aspiration to create a society of morals with a noble character that contributes to the common well-being.

Umno Youth leader Muhamad Akmal Saleh had also said that the wing’s representatives are planning to lodge a police report on the event.

According to a Facebook post, the event is scheduled to be held on March 30 from 6 pm and is limited to 250 visitors.

The event would feature a performance by a group of burly male waiters from Thailand dressed in women, the group being known as Thai Hot Guy, as its main attraction for the grand opening. — mediahit