Star Citizen Player Scores Partial Refund Despite Studio’s Legal Resistance

Star Citizen by Cloud Imperium Games

BlueBackground’s Three-Week Battle Against Star Citizen Ends in Victory with Partial Refund Offer

In the latest twist surrounding the long-standing saga of Star Citizen refunds, one player, known as BlueBackground, has emerged victorious in obtaining a partial refund after a gruelling three-week ordeal. However, this triumph did not come without a heated exchange of legal arguments from Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), the studio behind the controversial space simulation game.

BlueBackground recently received a letter from CIG, confirming that his refund request would be granted, but not without a volley of objections from the studio. The letter began with several paragraphs presenting counterarguments to deny his refund. CIG reminded BlueBackground that players must acknowledge the alpha state of Star Citizen multiple times before participating.

Additionally, the studio claimed that the 2015 UK Consumer Rights Act, which he cited in his request, did not apply to his case. Furthermore, CIG asserted that the regular quarterly patches and expansions of the game’s playable environments and functionality negated the need for a refund. They even pointed to his considerable 274 hours of playtime since 2022 as evidence of enjoyment, dismissing his claim that the game had not been adequately released.

Star Citizen, by Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen, by Cloud Imperium Games

Cloud Imperium Games Reluctantly Agrees to Partially Reimburse Tenacious Star Citizen Player, Facing Pressure from Community

Despite the arduous process and the fact that BlueBackground’s refund request fell outside the 14-day “no questions asked” policy, the letter concluded with CIG acknowledging a partial refund as a gesture of “good faith” to appreciate his past support. The exact amount of the refund remains undisclosed, but it is presumed to be a substantial sum.

CIG’s letter was not well-received by BlueBackground, who attributes the success of his refund claim to the collective pressure exerted by other players. He argues that the inclusion of Squadron 42 in his purchase was a crucial factor, emphasizing that his extensive playtime was indicative of tedium rather than enjoyment, contrary to CIG’s assertions. In a written response, BlueBackground expressed his astonishment at the refund’s approval, considering his initial doubts about receiving it, let alone in such a swift manner.

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The contentious issue of refunds in Star Citizen continues to be a polarizing topic among the game’s community. BlueBackground’s triumph may signal a glimmer of hope for dissatisfied players, but CIG’s legal resistance indicates that the road to obtaining refunds remains strewn with obstacles. As the game’s development stretches on, players are left to wonder whether their investment will ever truly materialize into the promised vision of Star Citizen.