Scotland’s only oil refinery to close in 2025

The plant has faced "significant challenges" amid market pressure and the energy transition

Scotland's only oil refinery to close in 2025 - Bloomberg pic.
An oil refinery complex in Grangemouth, Scotland - Bloomberg pic.

MOSCOW — Scotland’s only oil refinery, the Grangemouth plant outside Edinburgh is set to close in 2025, putting around 500 jobs at risk, UK media reported, citing the facility’s owner, reported Sputnik.

The plant, belonging to joint UK-China venture Petroineos, has faced “significant challenges” amid market pressure and the energy transition, Sky News reported on Wednesday (22 Nov).

The United Workers’ Union said the site would “primarily operate as an import and export oil terminal facility only.”

Petroineos Refining CEO Franck Demay justified the move as “a necessary step in adapting our business to reflect the decline in demand for the type of fuels we produce.”

Meanwhile, trade unions and Scottish lawmakers have resented the future closure, the broadcaster said. — Bernama-Sputnik

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