PJR helps local residents get monsoon season supplies

Kelantan people are grateful to the government, especially for helping them store supplies in preparation for the approaching Northeast Monsoon

PJR helps local residents get monsoon season supplies - Bernama pic.
PJR helps local residents get monsoon supply for monsoon season - Bernama pic.

KOTA BHARU — The Rahmah Sales Programme (PJR) which offers a variety of essential goods at reasonable prices is much awaited by the Kelantan people, especially to help them stock up food supplies in preparing for the approaching Northeast Monsoon. 

 A resident of Kampung Atas Paloh here, Siti Ramlah Samsuddin, 72, said she went to the PJR in Kampung Kubang Pasu today to buy essential items for the monsoon season.

“We thank the government for holding this PJR to help ease the burden from the rising cost of living.

Our hope is that this initiative can be continued and carried out more often.

“With the approaching flood season, we took the opportunity to stockup essential items like flour, sugar, rice, sauce, soy sauce and some dried stuff to prepare for the monsoon,” she said when met by Bernama at the PJR in Kampung Kubang Pasu here today (10 Nov). 

According to her, the price of food items sold at the PJR this time was more reasonable with chicken ssold for RM6 per kilogramme (kg), premium sugar at RM3, flour at RM2.50 and rice at RM15 for five-kg packet.


Another visitor at the PJR, Siti Fatimah Abdullah, 44, said she came to shop for her mother and sister as they did not have transport to come on their own.

“We do follow the PJR schedule, got to know when and where the next one is going to held because we are a large family and buying at PJR  helps us to save and get enough for our money’s worth,” she said.

A night market trader, Halim Salleh, 56 from Kampung Wakaf Bharu, Tumpat, said he has been going to the  PJR held in Kota Bharu, Tumpat and nearby areas to get stuff for his business.

“At the PJR, I am able to get some stuff cheaper, thus giving him the opportunity to sell food at the night market at a reasonable price.

“Goods that are not sold through middlemen are always cheaper. So, I’m able to make some profit selling them back,” he added. — Bernama

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