Nvidia RTX 4060 Launch Fails to Impress Gamers as Sales Remain Lackluster

RTX 4060 courtesy of Nvidia

Early Sales Figures of Nvidia’s Latest RTX 4060 GPU Raise Concerns for the Company

TAIPEI – Nvidia’s highly anticipated release of the RTX 4060 graphics card this week has not met the expectations set by the company, according to a report from 3DCenter. Initial sales numbers from leading German retailer MindFactory indicate that only around 10 units of the GPU have been sold since its official launch yesterday, pointing to a potentially disastrous launch for Nvidia.

In comparison, the previous-generation RTX 4070, which was considered to have a slower run rate, managed to sell over 300 units in the hours following its launch. This significant difference in sales suggests that gamers are not showing much interest in the RTX 4060, despite its attractive price point. Our review reveals that the minimal rasterization performance uplift compared to previous-generation cards could be a significant factor behind this lackluster response.

The disappointing sales figures have sparked a backlash from the gaming community, with users on the /r/Nvidia subreddit expressing their confusion and frustration. Some comments questioned Nvidia’s decision to release the RTX 4060, while others speculated that the company is simply waiting for consumers to buy its newer products.

One person waiting to buy RTX 4060 graphics card, Source:@hermita_akiba
One person waiting to buy RTX 4060 graphics card, Source:@hermita_akiba

Gamers Disappointed by Minimal Performance Uplift and Naming Choice of the Nvidia RTX 4060

One user pointed out that the naming of the GPU, using the 60-series designation, does not align with its actual performance capabilities. The user argued that the die cut down used in the RTX 4060 is more commonly associated with lower-class cards like the GTX 1650 and RTX 3050. This discrepancy in naming has led to the GPU appearing less impressive than it actually is, further contributing to its underwhelming reception.

Despite these criticisms, many users are hopeful that Nvidia and its partners will eventually lower the price of the RTX 4060 to meet performance expectations. This potential price adjustment could reignite gamers’ interest and improve Nvidia sales.

One person waiting to buy RTX 4060 graphics card, Source:@hermita_akiba

Looking ahead, Nvidia’s future plans include releasing a gaming architecture codenamed “Ada Lovelace Next.” However, it has been revealed that this architecture will be delayed by a year, breaking Nvidia’s typical two-year release cadence. This delay raises the possibility of a future architecture refresh. While no mid-series SUPER launch has been confirmed, Nvidia has previously introduced Ti variants, indicating the potential for more options in the future.

In addition to the gaming lineup, Nvidia’s roadmap also reveals insights into its Hopper Next and Grace Next architectures, which target the data-centre market. The roadmap suggests that both architectures may be showcased in the first half of 2024, with Blackwell (formerly known as Hopper Next) not included in the gaming lineup.

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As Nvidia faces the consequences of a lacklustre RTX 4060 launch, the company must evaluate its strategies and address the concerns raised by gamers. Whether it be through price adjustments or future architecture improvements, Nvidia will need to adapt to regain the trust and interest of its target audience.