Najib SRC Conviction: Does He Deserve A Pardon?

King should consider Royal Pardon for former Premier Najib Razak based on Sabah and Sarawak Chief Judge Abdul Rahman Sebli's ruling. - MH file pic
King should consider Royal Pardon for former Premier Najib Razak based on Sabah and Sarawak Chief Judge Abdul Rahman Sebli's ruling. - MH file pic

Online petitions on Najib Razak’s Royal Pardon are making their debut via social media platforms – one seeking his release and another asking the King not to release him. Which petition should the King consider?

There are many ongoing debates on the incarcerated former Prime Minister Najib Razak’s Royal Pardon to free him. For instance, Bersih, a group which portrays itself as the electoral watchdog, are re-circulating its petition which was started months ago seeking the King not to pardon Najib.

The petition was started by Bersih after the Federal Court upheld the High Court’s 12 years’ jail and RM 210m fine on Najib on 23 August last year.

Bersih started to circulate the petition again to counter Umno supreme council’s unanimous decision to seek Royal Pardon for Najib.

Two online petitions to the King making their rounds, one to seek Royal Pardon for Najib Razak and the other pleading not to release the former premier. - Google pile pic
Two online petitions to the King making their rounds, one to seek Royal Pardon for Najib Razak and the other pleading not to release the former premier. – Google pile pic

On Friday (7 April), Umno, which held its supreme council meeting in World Trade Center Kuala Lumpur, unanimously agreed to seek an audience with the King to present a memorandum urging Najib be pardoned.

Its secretary-general, Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki said the supreme council received a memorandum from the 191 divisions and the party’s wings urging the Umno leadership to defend Najib, saying he contributed much to the nation.

Asyraf said the Umno supreme council was aware that many party grassroots leaders were saddened by the Federal Court’s decision to dismiss Najib’s application for leave to review his conviction and sentence in the SRC International Sdn Bhd case.

“It is a decision that is seen as unfair and this is in line with the remarks of the Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak Abdul Rahman Sebli, who chaired the five-member bench of the Federal Court and said Najib did not get a fair trial and he should be released and acquitted,” The Star quoted him as saying.

Bersih’s Plea By Means Of “Stale” Propaganda

Bersih, in its plea, said it should not happen and asked the king not to exercise his discretion to pardon Najib, who had “stolen public funds” in the SRC International Case and had been given due process of a fair trial.

It said the rakyat had to suffer the impact of corruption by elected officials who enriched themselves with the nation’s wealth.

It added that the people had to live with the indignity of being known for the world’s most significant kleptocracy case.

Now again, Bersih is out with their antics, using the same old propaganda which they have been using for years.

It is an open secret now about the conspiracy that leads to the imprisonment of Najib. Two key witnesses — Jho Low and Nik Faisal — were never brought to court to testify. Many prosecution witnesses admitted acting on instructions from these two.  

Prominent figures like former Central Bank Governor Zeti Aziz’s family received millions of dollars from fugitive Jho Low were never even once mentioned by Bersih.

The self-claimed warriors of corruption went deaf and dumb on Judge Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali’s involvement in a Maybank loan to a private company which was part of the money that landed in Najib’s account, and that is the “public funds” Bersih is talking about (not sure what they meant by “public funds”).  

Nazlan, who presided and convicted Najib in the SRC case clearly violated the Judicial Code of Ethics and this was admitted by Nazlan himself to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Bersih leaders are hypocrites. They practice double standards. The foreign-funded organisation’s motive was to help the then Pakatan Rakyat to come into power by spreading propaganda.

Their other motive was also to get Najib’s head to roll and assist Pakatan Harapan to come into power, which they have achieved with help of former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and former Attorney-General (AG) Tommy Thomas.

Bersih should stop their nonsense. They should now focus on the upcoming state election and watch how much money Perikatan Nasional under former Premier and Bersatu President Muhyiddin Yassin, is going to spend.  

Petition To Release Najib

Another petition seeking the King to pardon Najib is also making its rounds. The petition started by social activist Ariff Alias two days ago is getting its momentum.

The petition sought Najib’s release because it was an unfair trial and Nazlan had breached the Judges Code of Ethics.

The petition also supported the dissenting judgement of Abdul Rahman Sebli to be studied thoroughly by the Pardons Board so that all punishments against Najib would be dropped.

This petition is also circulating among Umno members and is expected to reach three million Umno members.

Najib supporters are going all out aggressively on this signature campaign.

Lizza Ithnin, who signed the petition, said Najib was persecuted and should not have been jailed.

“I ask for Najib to be immediately released. He is the best former prime minister. No other prime ministers can compare.”

Jueita Mariena wanted justice and freedom for Najib, saying it was wrong to persecute someone who had contributed to the nation and its people.

Let us watch who wins the race on this signature campaign.

Anwar Will Be On The Pardon Board

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has confirmed that he will be on the Pardon Board to review applications to get Royal Pardon for Najib but insisted that there will not be any conflict of interest as the final decision will be made by the King.

Certain quarters are urging Anwar not to support the release of Najib. These are the anti-Umno/Barisan Nasional, the anti-Najib group who supported Anwar to be prime minister.

For instance, a former Malaysian diplomat and ambassador, Dennis Ignatius wrote in his blog, he voted for Anwar and PH because he believed them to be honest leaders deeply committed to justice, institutional reform and good governance.

“I get it that for the sake of political stability, Umno has to be part of the government.

“But if the end result is simply an arrangement to sustain them in power at the cost of our judiciary and of everything we hold dear, then what is the point of it all?” he questioned Anwar.

Dennis’ comments can make one wonder if he was ignorant to be innocent or innocent to be ignorant.

As Dennis agreed that Umno needs to be part of the government for the sake of political stability, then Najib needs to be out for the same reasons too.

Dennis needs to realise that the majority of PH voters were non-Malays and their vote did not make Anwar the prime minister. It was Umno who made him the prime minister.

In fact, Umno too lost its Malay votes. Najib is the only one who can bring back the Malay votes. This was proven in seven by-elections and two state elections – Melaka and Johor.

Dennis did speak about the judiciary. Is he ok with Judge Nazlan who has integrity issues sentencing Najib to 12 years in jail? Is he ok with Chief Justice Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat protecting Nazlan?

It seems that Dennis is also a hypocrite, just like Bersih leaders.

Najib Needs To Get Royal Pardon?

The writings are on the wall regarding Najib’s SRC case. Many were let off the hooks by the Attorney-General Chambers.

Many witnesses were left out. New shreds of evidence were rejected. The way the entire SRC trial was conducted raises a lot of questions.

During the Federal Court Appeal, there were no submissions from the defence as Najib was not represented.

CJ Maimun, leading the five Judges panel, did not allow lawyer Hisyam Teh to discharge himself. In fact, Hisyam was forced to stay by Maimun. This would have never happened in any part of the world.

The reason Hisyam discharged himself was Maimun did not allow Najib to adduce fresh evidence mostly involving Nazlan and the RM 42m that went into Najib’s account was not from KWAP, the pension fund.

There were evidences showing it was from a private entity Nazlan knew about, and Maimun dismissed the application as hearsay.

This went down into the history of this nation: Najib was the only one “hurriedly” charged without a defence counsel.

So, the answer will be, yes, Najib needs a Royal Pardon. Like immediately, to ensure that we will not be judged for putting an innocent man in jail. — mediahit

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