Mexico Grants Full Recognition to the State of Palestine

Mexico has upgraded Palestine’s special delegation to the country to the level of a full embassy to fully recognize the the Palestinian statehood status, according to a report by

Mexican Government’s Historic Move Marks a Shift in Foreign Policy Towards Palestine Issue

MEXICO CITY – In a groundbreaking announcement, the Mexican government, under the leadership of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), has officially recognized the statehood of Palestine and upgraded its diplomatic mission to a full embassy. The move signifies a significant shift in Mexico’s foreign policy, which had previously adhered to the United States’ stance on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The decision was unveiled by the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates on June 2, highlighting the reclassification of the diplomatic mission from a special delegation to an embassy. The ministry expressed confidence that this step would foster stronger relations between Mexico and Palestine, based on mutual respect and recognition, benefiting both nations and contributing to global security and development.

A member of the Palestine Solidarity Committee holds a Palestinian flag in a protest against US president Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in front of the US Embassy in Mexico City on December 15, 2017. (Pedro Pardo / AFP via Getty Images)

Mexico’s recognition of Palestine should have grabbed headlines worldwide. However, the news received limited attention in both the Mexican and international press. Curiously, the Mexican government discreetly upgraded the mission’s status on its official website, a peculiar avenue for such a significant foreign policy change.

This recent stance by Mexico contrasts with its previous engagement with the Palestinian cause. In 1975, Mexico established diplomatic relations with the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), and its president at the time, Luis Echeverría, met with Yasser Arafat in Egypt. Mexico later elevated the PLO’s information office to the rank of special delegation, solidifying ties between the two nations.

However, in subsequent years, Mexico’s support for Palestine waned, aligning more closely with U.S. foreign policy. This alignment, coupled with the strained relations between Mexico and Israel over issues such as the proposed border wall, resulted in Mexico being one of the few Latin American countries that had not recognized Palestinian statehood.

Pro-Palestinian protesters rally against violence in the Gaza Strip in Mexico City July 29, 2014 [Reuters]
Pro-Palestinian protesters rally against violence in the Gaza Strip in Mexico City July 29, 2014 [Reuters]

Long-standing Refusal to Recognize Palestinian Statehood Finally Ends, Strengthening International Relations

The significance of Mexico’s recognition of Palestine cannot be understated. It joins a growing list of nations worldwide, including several in Latin America, that have formally recognized Palestine as an independent state. This alignment with the regional consensus underscores Mexico’s increasing influence and its willingness to chart its own course on important global matters.

Mexico’s decision also comes amidst rising concerns over the protection of fugitives wanted by Mexican authorities who have found refuge in Israel. This issue has strained bilateral relations between the two countries. President AMLO has repeatedly called for Israel to extradite individuals accused of serious crimes, emphasizing the importance of not shielding torturers or those facing sexual abuse allegations.

Indigenous woman in Mexico stands in front of flags of Palestine and Mexico. Courtesy of @BDSMovement
Indigenous woman in Mexico stands in front of flags of Palestine and Mexico. Courtesy of @BDSMovement

With this move, Mexico has taken a step towards asserting its independence and distancing itself from external pressures. The decision to recognize Palestine and establish a full embassy will undoubtedly have significant international repercussions, once the media sheds light on this historic moment.

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As Mexico solidifies its diplomatic ties with Palestine, the hope is that this recognition will contribute to a just and peaceful resolution of the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The path to lasting peace requires engagement and dialogue, and Mexico’s progressive stance offers a ray of hope for a brighter future in the Middle East. – Jacobin