Jonathan Majors Faces Domestic Violence Charges: What This Means for His Career


Jonathan Majors’ Career in Jeopardy Following Allegations of Domestic Violence and Abuse

HOLLYWOOD – Jonathan Majors, the up-and-coming Hollywood star, is facing serious criminal charges and accusations of abuse by multiple women. As a result, his management firm, Entertainment 360, and public relations firm, The Lede Company, have cut ties with him. The allegations and negative publicity could have a significant impact on his career, with Disney, the studio behind his upcoming projects, closely monitoring the situation.

Sources familiar with the matter have stated that multiple women have come forward with allegations of abuse by Jonathan Majors. The women are cooperating with the Manhattan district attorney’s office, which could lead to a dramatic turn in the case. Following these developments, Majors’ publicists and management firm cut ties with him.

In a statement, Majors’ attorney Priya Chaudhry stated that the actor is innocent and has not abused anyone. Chaudhry also stated that they have provided irrefutable evidence to the district attorney that the charges are false. Despite this, the allegations and negative publicity have already caused damage to his reputation.

Majors had become one of Hollywood’s most promising stars, with a series of high-profile and lucrative roles on the horizon. However, the allegations and negative publicity could impact his future in the industry. Majors is still attached to star in “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty,” which is slated to be released on May 2, 2025. He is poised for a payday of RM88.68 million including back-end compensation. However, Disney, the studio behind the film, monitors the situation closely and has time to move deliberately.

Jonathan Majors in the since-scrubbed "Overcoming Obstacles" ad. ARMY MARKETING OFFICE
Jonathan Majors in the since-scrubbed “Overcoming Obstacles” ad. ARMY MARKETING OFFICE

U.S. Army’s Crucial Ad Campaign Featuring Jonathan Majors Pulled After Actor’s Domestic Violence Arrest

The U.S. Army’s ad campaign featuring actor Jonathan Majors, which was pulled following his arrest for domestic violence, was a crucial part of the military’s ongoing rebranding effort as it pivots its recruitment message for Gen Z after the Afghanistan drawdown. The two spots were filmed in Southern California in January and were directed by Rupert Sanders, with music by Rob Simonsen. The commercials shot over six days, sought a production vision of “epic realism,” inspired by films like 1917, Dunkirk, and Saving Private Ryan, and follow the Army through its history.

According to Major General Alex Fink, the head of Army Enterprise Marketing, and John Carstens, the executive creative director of Team DDB, the Army’s ad firm, Majors fit the needs of their creative brief, which called for a figure of Gen Z mentorship age, “someone who could be a big brother or big sister to the young adult making this decision,” who possessed an “appropriate physical and moral presence” to pull off the script. Carstens noted that there was no intention for Majors to be an ongoing face for the Army. Fink considered Majors an ideal candidate as the actor had previously been outspoken about the formative influence of his relatives’ life in the Armed Forces.

The commercials, crucial components of the Army’s rebranding effort, sought to appeal to Gen Z, and featured Majors speaking to the viewer while vignettes unfurled at the Panama Canal Zone, among other locations. The commercials were intended to highlight the career opportunities offered by the Army, and Majors spoke passionately about the possibilities the Army could offer young people, stating that the Army empowers individuals to become the best version of themselves.

Separately, Majors is stepping down from the board of the Gotham Film and Media Institute and his work with the Sidney Poitier Initiative, which was created to support emerging filmmakers. This move has been confirmed by the executive director of the Gotham board, Jeffrey Sharp.

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Jonathan Majors’ career is in jeopardy following allegations of domestic violence and abuse. Despite his denials and evidence provided to support his claims of innocence, the negative publicity could significantly impact his future in the industry. The situation serves as a reminder that domestic violence is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Disney and other studios have a responsibility to carefully consider the actions of their actors and take appropriate measures to ensure a safe and respectful workplace for all. – Variety/The Hollywood Reporter